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My maiden name was Leape – we used to tell people we were named after our Great, Great, Great Grandfather who discovered that there were 365 and quarter days in one year and it was his decision to put the quarters together to create a ‘Leap’ year – 29th February every four years- they added the ‘e’ at the end to anglicise it. This being famed for the day a woman could ask a man to marry her (a tradition I once bravely tried but it backfired when the joke turned out to be answered yes – fear not I did marry him but a year later!). It was of course nothing to do with my ancestry but our family liked to joke – a lot! My family had a huge dose of humour in it. Mum and Dad had a wicked sense of fun and were both natural story tellers. They came from the Gaelic traditions, fluent in Gaelic, they were both from farming families in Ireland. Mum met Dad after they had both emigrated to Coventry, England where they courted and married. I suppose that was a reason I wanted to migrate too – I always had a sense of the need to travel and see the world. At 18 after finishing A levels and before embarking on my degree I visited an Aunt and Uncle in Brisbane for the summer. This was to hold a huge fascination with emigrating to Australia when returning to England. Read more....

Photo: Me at the “Neighbours” night, Melbourne 2006 after winning the singing competition – my prize to sing live on stage “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, with Doctor Kennedy and his band!  Live long, live fully…2018 still rocking!! Helen Feeney




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